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2014 February

Dos and Dont's of PR Pitches

Pitch Perfect: The Dos and Don’ts of PR Pitches

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When it comes to getting your business in the press, you need to know the dos and don’ts of PR pitches. What is a pitch? A pitch is a brief description of a story designed to attract the attention of a journalist and convey why the story would be of interest to his or her publication and its readers. No, it’s not a press release. This is what goes above a press release in your email body (if you have a press release to share, that is). It’s essentially your short and sweet cover letter, but instead of selling your work experience, you’re selling your cool new product and/or service. It’s not easy to get the attention of a busy reporter. Want to know how to get noticed? Here’s your easy guide to the dos and don’ts of PR pitches:

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