3 Different Ways to Bring Your Website to Life with Video

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video can be an even more effective way to bring your brand to life. Videos are not only super sharable on social media with huge viral potential, but they bring more excitement to your website. Professional videos made by a videographer with creative direction are preferable, but if all you have is a smartphone and a little creativity, you are still equipped to make great videos for your brand.

Interested in creating videos to entertain, engage, and educate your online audience? Try some of these fun strategies!

Show What You’re All About
If you’re new to the video world or not sure where to start, let’s start with the basics. Make a short video (two minutes max) to show what your brand is all about and tell your story through an exciting mix of visuals, music and words. While it should look professional, it doesn’t need to be Hollywood-level quality.

Represent a luxury travel service or a beauty product line? Give new customers a sneak peak into your unique experience, or showcase your products and what makes them special (see a great example from MAC Cosmetics). Have a product such as an app or tool that may be tricky to use at first? Create a series of how-to videos to help customers get started or use more advanced features.

Does your business have an interesting start-up story? Film a short video of your founders telling their story and why they created this company (though make sure it’s also about the customers, not just about you).

If the ideas aren’t flowing just yet, why not try a video of customers or clients giving testimonials about why your business is so awesome? It’s a solid place to start.

Take Advantage of User-Generated Content
Last week, we gave you the low-down on why you should love user-generated content (hint: it’s free and highly trusted by consumers). Take some of the tips from our post to collect new videos that show people using or talking about your product or service. Share these on your website, social media, and everywhere else you can! You can also look for existing videos online that customers have already made about your product and feature them on your website.

There’s an entertaining trend of “haul videos” in which consumers show off all the items they just purchased during a shopping spree (see an example here). If you have a product or retail business, see if you can find a haul video that mentions you positively, and link to it on your site and on social media. Another strategy that gives you more creative control is to film some of your own haul videos. Find some top-tier customers and film them showcasing your amazing new goods. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box; people do hauls for baby clothes, wedding gifts and other niches.

Get Creative with Short Video Content
Animated GIFs are all the rage, particularly in thanks to Buzzfeed.com’s masterful use of them. GIFs are essentially very short videos (only a few seconds long) that replay on a loop. Many GIFs online are funny captioned clips from TV shows or movies, but you can make your own. They are commonly used in fashion brand lookbooks online for a more interactive experience with the clothes. Take a look at Anne Taylor’s clever use of GIFs for inspiration.

Share your GIF on your website and on social media–in fact, Twitter just began allowing them to appear in Tweets (click here for great examples). GIFs are perfect for a little humor, but they can also be used to quickly tell a story about your brand or culture. Remember, funny, artistic or clever GIFs are more likely to be shared!

While the social sharability of GIFs is priceless, they also provide cool, modern technology on your brand website that will pique your audience’s interest and make your products and services look even better!

Another way to make short videos is with an app called Vine, which allows you to create six-second looping videos. You make the video in Vine app (owned by Twitter), which then shares it on the Vine network. But it’s really simple to share it on your Twitter or Facebook pages, and it’s possible to embed a Vine video on your website to give it even more legs. One of the coolest features of Vine is that it lets you start and stop as you film, so while your video is very short, the creative possibilities are endless! Vine is the perfect medium for fashion and consumer goods; view these killer examples and start brainstorming.

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