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Get Them Hooked: The Brand Customer Journey Is Key

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We are in a landmark year for digital marketing. This is due to the fact that the “new generation” of consumers are far more digitally inclined than the last. Consumers are increasing their engagement with both businesses and brands alike online. With that said, your main focus (ours, too) needs to now be: the brand customer journey! Here’s a quick guide that will teach you what the brand customer journey is and how you can begin practicing this new digital marketing trend.

Define Your Brand Goals

The customer journey is the experience of interactions that a customer has with your business/brand. This journey represents defining moments at the beginning of your relationship with your client.

We recommend defining and simplifying your brand goals right off the bat. Come up with 2-5 goals that help align your focus. If your goals are clear then they will help you find the right messaging to guide your customer!

An example of a company who uses branding to define their customer’s’ journey is: Dove. This company started campaigns that support real, natural beauty for women. Hashtags, videos, social media, and more are used in order to promote their brand across all channels, all while catering to their target audience of women. Though this brand is worldwide, they have managed to make their customers feel as if their products have been personalized for them. This is branding at its finest. By reinforcing your brand with relatable and positive content, you are building a foundation of trust with your customers!

After defining your goals, work on branding strategies that help to reinforce these set objectives. Find ways to best communicate to your target audience. This could be through social media, email marketing, or even meeting face-to-face.

Personalize Brand Content

Customers desire faster and more accessible content. With such an increase in customer-content engagement, there is a need for more personalized content. Customers crave interaction as they never have before!

Successful companies now look to hone in on their target audience’s wants and needs so that they can engage more. Some companies that do this well are:

  • Buzzfeed– This media-based company inputs short surveys at the end of their renowned quizzes asking the consumer how he/she feels about the quiz content
  • Pinterest– This website asks new users to select 5 or more categories that best fit their likes. This helps to personalize individual feeds as well as searches.

By customizing content and obtaining feedback to personalize it even more, you’re constantly evolving and strengthening your customer journey and a personal attachment to your business.

Begin to Build Customer Relations

When it comes to building customer relations, great communication is key! An article on digital marketing trends in BCG tells us that customers are more likely to engage with the products and services of brands that they trust.

Communication begins with their first interaction. Make sure your website, social media, and email content are speaking directly to your target audience. Other strategies include: offering live chats on your website, responding to queries in a timely manner, and requesting feedback from your customers. These practices help to provide a strong foundation for your brand, which in turn will increase the likelihood that potential customers will become more long-term!

Activate Your Brand Customer Journey

Once you have set clear goals and done all of the right research, you are at the stage of activation. As you grow your brand, work to continually optimize your user experience by updating your personalized brand content. You can achieve this by listening closely to your customers. These are all of the right steps needed towards gaining that coveted customer loyalty. Establishing and nurturing these relationships can only help drive your company’s success for the future.


As ThunderHead writes: 2017 is the year for the customer journey. We hope that you use this helpful guide to work with your customers every step of the way to ensure customer happiness as well as company success.

Are you ready to start the year off right and build new strategies for your customers? For more tips on how to step up your marketing game, head on over to our blog on infographics!

How SEO Content Has Changed in 2017

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As the digital world is constantly evolving, so do the ways in which we do business online. With search-engine algorithms constantly being updated, marketers and writers like us have to rethink SEO best practices in order to create successful SEO content for our clients.

Let’s explore how SEO content has changed in 2017…

Hyperlinks: Less is More!

In the past, content writers tend to focus on the amount of links in their content. Now, forget about linking so much and make your content the priority. Your audience will appreciate quality, engaging content that remains relevant to their (and your) goals.

We suggest inputting one internal link and one external link within your content. If your content is lengthy or if it naturally requires more link love, then go ahead and add more where you deem appropriate!

So, start easing up on the hyperlinks, and focus on what truly matters: the quality content that is made for your audience.

Keyword Optimization: Go Organic

When you think of SEO, keyword optimization is typically the first thing that comes to mind. We’ve all been taught to ensure that particular keywords appropriate for the site at hand get placed word-for-word within the content. Well, this is just no longer the case.

Using RankBrain, a ranking algorithm learning artificial intelligence system (there’s a tongue-twister for ya!), Google is able to pick up on similar words within your content in order to optimize SEO. In its 2017 SEO guide, Hubspot writes, “Today, it’s important to optimize your page for the user experience.” Meaning: Write for the user. You don’t need to stuff certain keywords in there just to have them. Google got smarter. This is a huge bonus for us writers! We can write focused content without having to be at the whim of specific keywords.

Now, you can focus on writing outstanding content instead of rewording your message over and over again in order to ensure that you are following SEO best practices.

The Homepage: Simplicity is Key

The homepage is the first landing spot for your potential customer. When creating a website, you may feel the need to cram as much content as possible into your homepage in order to convey your message. Stop that.

We are here to tell you that the more simple your homepage is, the more likely your followers will be drawn to your company. Examples of websites with charmingly simple homepages are: Dropbox, AirbnbEvernote….and hey, Message Sprout 😉

Instead of filling that first page with lengthy descriptions, write simple hooks that will draw in your audience, send them them to other pages on your site for more info!

Mobility: Quality Videos and Images

One of the trends in 2017 that is taking the digital world by storm is the increased use of mobile devices to access online media. A MacRae’s Marketing article on content marketing trends suggests that “content must be geared toward mobile device users even more this year.”

That said, content such as images and videos are utilized more often in order to grab a user’s attention. Spend some extra time optimizing these two types of content! This means not only making sure that your visuals are SEO-worthy, but that they are also of high quality.

2017 is a year for change. Users are becoming more involved with the help of the increasing mobility and accessibility of online platforms. So focus your efforts on ensuring that your content has more quality SEO in order to make the connections that you need to be successful.

Using current content writing best practices is one of our fortes! To learn more about our copywriting services, go here.

Spotlight: Health and Wellness Clients

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We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients across many different industries, from tech to entertainment. Applying our content strategy and creation skills to a great mix of genres keeps our copywriting and ideas fresh, just the way we like them! One of the categories we specialize in and love dearly is health and wellness, and today, we highlight some of our fantastic clients within the wellness realm. Here’s why we love them—and why you might, too.

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