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Why You Should Start an Email Newsletter

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Do you interact with customers when they’re buying your product or service, but never communicate with them ever again? If you fail to follow up with customers, you’re losing a major opportunity for continued sales.

Starting an email newsletter does require some work, but the ability to engage customers and prospects can bring major returns. Read on to learn about the benefits of creating email newsletters and how to get started. Read More

How to write a white paper

What You Need to Know About White Papers

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White papers can be an incredible tool for businesses, but if you’re unfamiliar with this form of content marketing, it’s easy to do it wrong. Some businesses misunderstand the medium and use it as a way to push products—a tactic that also can push potential customers away. If you do it right, you can capture new leads and drive sales.

Sound good? Read on to learn what a white paper is and how to create a winning one that brings results rather than boredom. Read More

Dos and Dont's of PR Pitches

Pitch Perfect: The Dos and Don’ts of PR Pitches

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When it comes to getting your business in the press, you need to know the dos and don’ts of PR pitches. What is a pitch? A pitch is a brief description of a story designed to attract the attention of a journalist and convey why the story would be of interest to his or her publication and its readers. No, it’s not a press release. This is what goes above a press release in your email body (if you have a press release to share, that is). It’s essentially your short and sweet cover letter, but instead of selling your work experience, you’re selling your cool new product and/or service. It’s not easy to get the attention of a busy reporter. Want to know how to get noticed? Here’s your easy guide to the dos and don’ts of PR pitches:

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