How to Create Engaging Titles and Headlines

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Engaging Titles and Headlines

Creating engaging titles and headlines for blogs or digital assets is an easy way to help increase traffic to your content. The headline is the first piece of your content that a potential reader sees. A title tells your reader what they are about to read, and hooks them in. It offers a promise to your reader, and that promise makes them more likely to read the rest of your post in order to satisfy their curiosity and to learn something or be entertained. Not only can eye-catching titles generate more click-throughs on search engines, social media, and email marketing, they can also set reader expectations and provide contextual insight.

While creativity is a huge part of headline writing, there are also basic best practices that should be considered when crafting a headline. For instance, it’s important to be clear about what the reader’s takeaway will be. Once you have determined the target audience that you are writing your content for, using phrases like “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” can help you set the foundation for what exactly your content is going to cover. Then, when writing the digital content, be careful not to stray away from your original promise to your reader—use your headline as a guiding tool.

For other best practices on how to create engaging titles and headlines, check out this helpful infographic resource below from CopyPress.

engaging titles and headlines


In addition to following a general standard for headline writing, you should also glean insight from previous posts to see what works best for your content and your industry. Basically, looking at historical data of your past successful content can help you find data to support which headline strategies generate the best results for your audience. But keep in mind, what may work for your blog may not work for the next guy.  You may find that content with a headline that poses a question generates much more activity than list-based ones. Historical data can help you better understand how to write engaging titles and headlines for your target audience.

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