Incorporating Interactivity Into Your Content

Buzzfeed quizzes

Is your Facebook newsfeed cluttered with your friends posting their results of online quizzes? While these may make your eyes roll, interactive content like these quizzes is proving to be effective in driving reader engagement and virality.

Not only does interactive content drive deeper engagement with your brand, says Marketing Land, but with its increasing popularity in the content marketing world, failing to adopt it may leave your business behind in the dust.

While traditional blog posts and articles will likely remain important and well-utilized media formats, it might be time to dabble in interactive content and see if adding it improves interaction and engagement for your business. Read on to learn more about different types of interactive content and how to get started.

Different flavors of interactive content

Not sure what exactly we mean by interactive content? Here are several ways to interactively engage readers with your blog or website:

  • Quizzes: Buzzfeed’s quizzes are some of the most popular, with an entire section of their website devoted to quirky quizzes like “Can You Tell If These Weird Tweets Are By Martha Stewart Or Cher?” and “How would you die on Game of Thrones?” Quizzes can be about pop culture, or more serious topics.
  • Polls: As a pop-up or sidebar, ask your readers to chime in on a question relevant to the article or blog post. Some polls show the results before casting a vote, and others after, but either way, it’s fun for readers to see where they stand compared to others.
  • Calculators: Tools like calculators help readers learn or make a decision. For example, this cost of living calculator by Bankrate is the easiest way to get across this type of data and requires user engagement.
  • Games: Gamification is all the rage in marketing right now, and adding some sort of game—whether it’s putting together a puzzle, rewarding with points or creating a competition among users—can drive major interaction.
  • Video: Even video can be interactive. Check out this music video from The Arcade Fire; when the user inputs the address of the home where they grew up, the video incorporates satellite images of their home turf, adding a very personal touch.
  • Other forms of interactive content: The viral hit on Bloomberg from this summer, “What is Code?” is interactive in several ways. This massive piece has clickable images, modules that change as readers select an option and at the end, the ability for readers to actually experiment with writing their own code. Additionally, the Content Marketing Institute suggests experimenting with interactive white papers and infographics.

Adding interactive content to your site

Some types of interactive content, like quizzes, can be easily added to your website with free widgets and tools like Qzzr. Polls are a cinch to add with free WordPress plugins. There are numerous other tools available.

However, more complex interactive elements like gamification or interactive video may require help from an internal or external design and/or development team. Happy interacting!

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