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There’s nothing worse than going on a website that is not compatible with your mobile device to buy a product or research a service. What does a potential customer do when he or she goes to your business website and it’s not mobile-friendly? Likely leave the site as quickly as possible, and mention to the person next to them how terrible it is. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

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To give you an idea of just how “mobile” our society has become, Social Media Today tells us that “1.2 billion people worldwide are accessing the web from mobile devices.” The mobilization of the world is no longer a trend; it is quite literally just a fact of everyday life.When you become mobile, your customers are able to more efficiently access information about your business and products and make buying decisions. If you haven’t updated your business website to make it mobile-friendly, there is no time like the present to do so. 

“Instant” Expectations

A Forbes article points out that Generation Z has grown up with instant speed as the baseline expectation. Due to the ease of access to mobile devices, the increase in the speed of the content-to-consumer process has shot through the roof, making it so that businesses are being pushed to constantly evolve in order to keep up. When you design your website so that it can run efficiently on mobile devices, you are making it easier for your target customers to browse your products and services whenever they please!

Better Customer Service

Offering up-to-date mobile access to your customers is part of an excellent customer service experience. Mobile-friendly business websites are accessible and easy to scroll through. By shortening the amount of time and effort it takes to get to the coveted endpoint where the customer books your service, buys your product or submits an inquiry, a mobile-forward site maximizes its opportunities to sell and also makes a good impression (hint: return customers, word of mouth, etc.).


Conversion Plan

Luckily, most website themes these days are automatically mobile-friendly. If you are starting a business website from scratch, make sure to mention to your website developer that a key aspect that you want is for it to be mobile-friendly. If you are updating an existing website, discuss your options with your website developer. Depending on how old your site is, you might be able to add a mobile plugin to your existing theme to get it working in a mobile view or utilize a conversion tool. A site that is REALLY old, though, is probably due for a full refresh.

As your number one marketing and selling tool, a great-looking, mobile-friendly website is an investment in your success. By making your business mobile-friendly, you are staying competitive. Without it, you’re falling behind. It’s as simple as that.

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