SEO Content Audits 101

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SEO content audit

By this point, we hope you’re aware of search engine optimization best practices and are doing a killer job applying them to your website. But unless you’re an SEO expert, you may be missing out on many opportunities to optimize your content and increase your search engine rankings.

Having an expert like Message Sprout conduct an SEO content audit offers valuable insight on how to improve your website. Read on to learn more about what a content audit entails and how it can benefit your business.

What is an SEO content audit?

An SEO content audit looks a little different depending on who’s conducting it, but overall, it’s a thorough assessment of each page of content on your website. Your SEO professional will typically catalogue every single page on your site and ensure each one utilizes SEO best practices. This includes everything from having appropriate internal and external linking to including meta titles to using optimal word count. If you’re missing any of these vital elements, they’ll point it out to you.

Some SEO audits also include metrics for each page, such as the number of visits or rank for important keywords, so you can see which pages are performing well and which aren’t doing so hot.

But that’s not all: The quality of your content is just as important as your SEO performance. A great website auditor will have writing and editing skills, and they can notate if the voice on certain pages isn’t consistent with your brand and recommended changes to improve it. He or she can also catch spelling or grammatical errors and offer edits to correct any mistakes that may be making your website appear unprofessional.

How does an SEO content audit benefit you?

The better question is, how doesn’t an SEO content audit benefit you? There are so many perks to having this thorough, third-party examination of your website.

First of all, it gives you an overview of the content you do and don’t have. An audit can help you see where you may have pages that are too similar and would be better consolidated. It can also bring your attention to outdated content that should be updated or removed altogether. A strong audit can also help you spot gaps in content that need filling, which can help shape your content strategy.

Another key perk to a content audit is that you’re getting a custom, expert analysis of your website’s SEO. It helps you easily understand how your website is performing and whether it’s properly optimized. Audits can show you if you’re not ranking for necessary keywords and how to improve your chances of making that happen.

You could do an audit yourself—Moz has thorough instructions on how to do so—but it’s best to have a third-party SEO expert do it since they can provide unbiased advice based on significant experience.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your website with an SEO content audit!

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